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Are you a multigrade teacher looking for all the NAD multigrade resources in one place?

This new website contains resources created to support multigrade teachers and their students as they navigate their complex role in a small school setting.

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Griggs international academy:
calling all nad 8th graders!

GIA has a great opportunity for 8th grade students attending an NAD APLE school. Now they can enroll in Algebra I at a discounted tuition rate of $150 per semester while earning high school credit!

To enroll or learn about becoming an APLE school, email

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Griggs International Academy

Credit: Austrian Archaeological Institute - CC BY-SA 3.0

Dear nad educators,

In June 2019 there will be a New Testament Alive Tour for NAD Educators. The tour includes Revelation’s 7 Churches (Turkey), Patmos, and Greece (June 6-16, 2019)—with an optional Rome extension (June 16-19, 2019). The tour leaders will be Dr. Greg King and Dr. Martin Klingbeil, professors in the School of Religion at Southern Adventist University. Local guides will also accompany the group in Turkey, Patmos, Greece, and Rome and school visits will be set-up with time for discussion regarding implications for our NAD Education System.

This special tour brings alive the experiences of the Early Christian Church: from the Seven Churches of Revelation (Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamum, Thyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia, and Laodicea), to Christ’s giving of Revelation at Patmos, to Paul’s defense of the gospel in Athens and Corinth. We will follow in the footsteps of the earliest Christians, worshipping the same risen Lord together—including the first Sabbath in Ephesus and the second Sabbath in Corinth. Our group will also enjoy times of fellowship and fun together: relaxing in the Hierapolis hot springs (near Laodicea) and sailing on an all-night ferry from Patmos to Athens in bunk-style sleeper cabins.

Pricing is $2297 for the main tour, and an additional $550 for the Rome extension. For those interested, there are two other study tours happening before and after the New Testament tour. “Israel in Jesus’ Steps” (May 30–June 6) and “Ellen White in Europe” June 19–30. You can view info at Don’t delay as space is limited and filling quickly!

Feel free to share word of these study tours with the Adventist educators in your circles. To reserve space, email your name(s) to

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Special discounted pricing for NAD Adventist Institutions

Redwood Adventist Academy

Out of the Ashes!

NAD Education has partnered with ZOOM to provide special discounted pricing for our Union, Conference Education Departments and NAD schools. We are able to extend this pricing to other NAD Adventist Institutions—as long as they have an ORG ID from eAdventist.

Zoom Meeting Zoom Webinar Zoom Room
$45/year $260/year $315/year

CURRENT ZOOM CUSTOMERS: DON’T WORRY! When ordering through us, Zoom will merge accounts to make sure you can take advantage of this deal. None of your settings or reoccurring meetings will change. Even better—you will be able to request a pro-rated refund for the money you already paid.

Visit the Adventist Education store to view these products and purchase your Zoom subscription today. A credit card and your ORG ID is required.

PLEASE SHARE THE WORD with your colleagues—churches, higher ed institutions, union and conference offices, schools, etc. The more, the merrier—as long as they have an ORG ID in our Adventist system. The more license orders we place, the lower our prices could be going forward. Note: Please do not share this offer with those outside of our Adventist system.

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