ncreased Assessment of Young Learners

Testing to evaluate readiness for kindergarten or to identify subject areas in which children might need help to excel. These tests could potentially allow early intervention to address areas of concern and could allow gifted student to receive the specialized attention needed to reach their full potentials.

Steady Growth in Early Childhood Education

As more parents become aware of the positive impact of quality early childhood programs for the future of their children, increased attendance and steady employment for qualified preschool teachers is expected to continue.

Greater Focus on Physical Fitness

Due to the fight against childhood obesity, a greater focus on physical fitness has reached the preschool environment. Teachers are encouraged to plan more inside and outside active play. Some innovative childcare and preschool organizations are providing students with training in lifetime sports that may include running, swimming, and even beginning martial arts training. Although not reducing free play opportunities; by focusing on these activities, early childhood educators can help foster a healthy start.

Integration of Online Technologies into the Learning Environment

While the initial lessons taught in preschool and childcare settings may amount to little more than the proper use of a mouse to navigate online games, preschool teachers and students alike will be expected to acquire at least a rudimentary grasp of Internet access methods and strategies for obtaining necessary information online. Teachers will be expected to maintain at least a working familiarity with these high-tech learning options to remain competitive in the educational job market.

Applicants with Bachelor’s Degrees in High Demand

There was once a time when the only requirements to work in an Early Childhood Education Center or preschool was to have an associate’s degree or Certified Childcare Professional credential. Now, there’s an increasing preference to applicants with a bachelor’s degree in the field. By pursuing this path, teachers and childcare providers can make a positive impact on young students, ensuring the best possible foundation for academic growth and success.


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Desiree Bryant

Assistant Director,
Project Coordinator

Spring 2019