NAD Education Director of Technology and Support

n the world of technology, it seems that the only constant is change! The NAD Office of Education works to provide resources for the NAD educator in an endeavor to assist in sorting through the plethora of information available at the click of the mouse. Some of these initiatives follow.

TDEC Website Redesigned

Where can an NAD educator go to find current resources and information geared for the SDA teacher? Explore the newly launched redesign of our Adventist Education TDEC website!

In the Fall 2018 issue of Engage, we highlighted the TDEC (Technology Distance Education Committee) team and the asset their work can be to NAD educators. This team is committed to bringing updated content and engaging blog posts to the website on a regular basis. Content on the site includes:

  • NAD model language for a school Social Media Policy
  • Britannica Digital School information
  • Recommended Technology Plan
  • Sample Acceptable Use Plans
  • 2019–20 Subscription Resource products and pricing
  • Links to technology standards
  • Distance Learning information
  • Continuing Education options
  • Technology blog


Take some time to explore the resources available to you! Subscribe to the blog so you don’t miss out on new postings.


Remember: TDEC is committed to the technology needs of Adventist Education! Contact your TDEC representative if you have a WOW technology experience to share!


2018-19 Statistical Information

Data Rollup has been in place now for many years. Each year, the data is more accurate and complete than the previous year. One of the biggest benefits of Data Rollup is the ability to easily collect statistics. As an example, data from Opening Reports are used to generate the statistics found on our Adventist Education website. You’d be surprised how many people, both inside and outside of the our Adventist education system, visit this page for information! Here is a look at how each of our nine unions stack up in the data.



2019-20 Subscription Resources

There’s a saying, “It takes a village to raise a child.” It takes that same NAD “village” of schools working together to get negotiated pricing for many digital PK-12 resources at an affordable price for even our small schools. When schools order through the Adventist Education online store, we are able to consolidate our orders and obtain better pricing for everyone. See the flyer for products, descriptions, and pricing.


Exciting Technology News for the NAD Educator

Union Statistic Details

Spring 2019