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nterview with Griggs APLE school director, Lamar Nangle

What is an APLE (Accredited Program for Learning Environments) School? Can you explain what that means?

This is an educational support for NAD schools. Online classes are offered to fit the school’s needs. Onsite courses upon approval. This flexibility helps schools keep their own unique culture while serving the needs of their students. This is generally set up in connection with a K–8 or K–10 school. Some services such a credit recovery, electives, or single course fit secondary schools.

What is the benefit to becoming an APLE School?

Schools can add 9th–12th grades to retain students that are not able to go away to school. Griggs provides the accredited courses and the certified teachers included in the tuition, so the schools does not have to hire certified teachers. NAD schools also get a discount of 15% of the regular GIA tuition. This savings makes it possible to hire a facilitator/supervisor for the students being served.

A secondary school can also have one or two courses online to fill in the gap if the school does not have a certified teacher for a course. Cost varies depending on the number of students taking the course.

How does a school qualify to become an APLE School?

Once it is established that a school has a need for the type of support that Griggs offers, it has to be approved by school representatives, conference, union, and Griggs. There is an application and enrollment forms that are submitted prior to school start date. The school should have at least 3 high school students to make this a viable option. If there is only one, that student can directly enroll with GIA.

Is this the same as HSI?

The name was changed from Home Study International to Griggs International Academy in 2005. Along with the name change came the changes in delivery and technology. In 2011, Griggs came under the ownership of Andrews University. Many changes have taken place and it might not be recognizable to those that took HSI. All high school classes are online and have videos, activities, and student/teacher interaction.

Is it accredited and approved by NAD?

We are regionally accredited by Middle States and nationally approved by NAD. Griggs has also been approved by the NAD Technology committee (TDEC).

 Is the Schedule flexible for a school to plan mission trips, outdoor education, or field trips?

Yes! We allow and require schools to develop their own semester completion schedules based on the school’s calendar. They are to factor in staff development days, holidays, field trips etc.

Who supervises the students? Are they on their own?

Each course is managed by an online certified teacher; however, the schools hire a facilitator(s) to provide guidance and instruction. The APLE students need a designated area that provides a good atmosphere for working on courses and interacting with the facilitator and online teachers.

How do students interact with the teachers?

We believe that interaction with the teacher is crucial for students to perform their best, so there are certain points in the courses that students make an appointment with the teacher for discussion-based assessments. This is a time for testing knowledge, giving assistance, mentoring, and building relationships.

How are exams/assessments completed?

Students also take written exams in each course that are proctored by an approved supervisor.

What key things make an APLE School successful?

  • A facilitator who has a passion to help kids and is not afraid of technology
  • Open communication between Griggs and the school
  • An effective monitoring system by the school that addresses issues having to do with student progress
  • Keeping parents/guardians informed of students’ progress on a weekly basis

Do students get a transcript/diploma from Griggs or the local school?

If students are seeking a diploma, they will receive their diplomas and transcripts from Griggs International Academy.

How is this different from homeschooling?

APLE Schools are to operate as a traditional brick and mortar school interacting and learning as a group with daily schedules and appropriate seat times. The facilitator serves as “the teacher” in the classroom providing immediate support. When necessary our certified teachers, in-house staff who are also teachers, and administrative staff such as vice-principal, associate principal and principal are all available to serve and help.

Who do I contact if my school is interested in this program?

The school should contact the conference first to see if using the APLE program is an option. If so, the school can contact:

Lamar Nangle, APLE Director or 301-680-6585

LaRonda Forsey, APLE Principal or 301-526-6369


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