t is a noble thing to teach; it is a blessed thing to learn. True knowledge is a precious possession, and the more the teacher has of it, the better will be his work."
Counsels to Parents, Teachers and Students, p. 200.

This February we had 150 educators across the NAD gathered in three locations to take advanced training in Encounter Bible. The Train-the-Trainer event was entitled, Seeing Through New Eyes and was facilitated by the author of the Elementary Bible Encounter program, Lanelle Cobbin.

The goal of the Adventist Encounter Curriculum is for all our students to have a solid, deep and personal knowledge of the truths of the Bible, to respond to Christ's invitation of a saving relationship with him and to desire the salvation of others. Every teacher in the NAD had face to face training last school year to prepare them to teach the new curriculum which was implemented this school year.

Our trainers were inspired to take up the mantle of Encounter Ambassadors, as one participant commented, "I know you believe in me, I know God believes in me and now I feel like I am ready to do this" (Encounter Training).

We are looking forward to launching our participants into the field to be coaches, mentors and trainers to support our teachers and lead our children closer to their savior.



Dr. Leisa Morton-Standish

Director of Elementary Education


Spring 2019