ainum Family Foundation launched ACE (Advancement of Christian Education) Academy this past summer within the Columbia Union Conference. ACE is a leadership coaching program that was developed by NYC Leadership Academy and the Bainum Family Foundation as a pilot program.

The program is a two-year intensive designed to enhance leadership skills of 20 school administrators. Ten novice school administrators (“coachees”) and 10 seasoned administrators (“coaches”) will be paired for one-on-one training that will benefit both members of the pair as they build skills to lead their schools effectively.

Coachees submitted an application that detailed their interest and experience. The coaches, are well established in Columbia Union Education system, went through a rigorous process that included an in-person interview. It is the desire of both the Bainum Family Foundation and Columbia Union that both the coachees and coaches will be better equipped to meet the needs of their students and school constituency.



Bainum Family Foundation Launches
ACE Academy

Jacqueline Messenger

associate Director for Secondary Education