fter 120 Northern California Conference teachers attended a two-day in-service on the new Elementary Encounter Bible Curriculum with Lanelle Cobbin, a number of teachers went back to their classrooms to immediately start implementing the new program. In just a matter of weeks, powerful changes in students' spiritual growth are taking place. Students are excited with the new activities and producing amazing work. Teachers are seeing an immediate impact in students' relationship with Jesus Christ. NCC Associate Superintendent Lynal Ingham says that her teachers are renewed in their excitement to be teaching elementary Bible classes.

Sacramento Adventist Academy 4th grade teacher Chris Duckett said, “I LOVE the new Encounter curriculum because it not only addresses all the multiple intelligences, but it is very fun, engaging, relevant, and relationship-focused. Helping kids encounter Jesus at their maturity level is what this is all about, which makes it very meaningful. Teaching it has benefitted my own relationship with Jesus too, and I can’t stop telling my colleagues how effective it is!”

Here’s what some of Duckett’s 4th graders said about it - “I learned more about the Bible than with the older Bible program where we just wrote down answers and filled out worksheets. I think it was really fun and it helped me learn because we got to act Bible stories and situations. It drew me closer to God and helped me understand Him more, even though I already knew about God. I learned more about the Bible. I felt like I learned more about the Bible."

I attended the in-service even though my work in the NCC Office of Education rarely has me in the classroom. I believe the in-service was one of the most powerful I have attended in my whole career. It may be time to move back to the classroom so I can be an elementary Bible teacher again!


Barry van Iderstein

Assistant to the Superintendent


Elementary Encounter: Making a Difference

Summer 2018