2018 NAD Teacher’s Convention

he 2018 teacher’s convention is coming and we are in full convention planning mode. All of the major speakers have been contracted and we are beginning to find exhibitors for the exhibit hall. You can go to the convention website and see who has purchased space there.

This is a live interactive site that will be updated as new exhibitors buy booth space. As you can see we will have a large robotics area, with teams doing live competitions during the convention. In addition, we are excited about the booth for Kendall Hunt, one of our major sponsors, who will be demonstrating a great Virtual Reality unit that is awesome.

Begin to discuss who you would like to room with at the convention, as the unions will begin asking you for that information in January. Families can buy out the other half of the room (1/2 the cost of the room per night), if you want to have a room for either yourself, or your family. We have about 3400 rooms reserved, in five hotels, so it is a big event.

Beginning January 1, 2018 we will have a website up to take applications for breakout sessions. We will have a smaller number of breakouts, but all the rooms hold at least 100 people, so there should not be the crowding and disappointment if the room is full. We anticipate about 360 total breakouts, so there should be something for everyone. If you would like to be a breakout presenter, or if you know of a colleague or other person you think would be great, don’t email us, just go the the website and fill out the form. It is difficult to manage all the emails, so we will only be vetting the breakout requests we get online, beginning January 1, 2018. Blessings to all.



Larry Blackmer

Vice President, Education



Convention Exhibitors Map

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