2018 NAD Teachers’ Convention

ere we are, only seven months before the convention. Let me give you an update and information regarding where we are currently. We have contracted, at no cost to the church, a company (Orchid) to manage the convention housing. Their protocols are very different than we have used in the past, but we feel it will save us significant funds. Recently, Orchid asked each union or conference to submit a rooming block request, which means the total number of rooms you will need. Those have been submitted and Orchid has assigned conferences and unions to particular hotels. We now need to ensure that we have enough rooms for outside groups such as vendors, retirees, etc. We have had to request additional rooms be added to our contract in order to ensure adequate space for outside groups.

Around March 1, Orchid will send out confirmations to the conferences and unions for their hotel block. At that point the conferences and unions will begin submitting a rooming list filling their block. Then within a month, each teacher will receive a confirmation for the room they have been assigned. My request is to settle back, knowing that the conferences and unions WILL provide each participant a hotel room, but asking questions or pushing to know which hotel in which you will be placed.

Breakout sessions- We have received well over 100 submissions to present or suggest breakout presentations. We will have over 300 sessions, so we still need you to go to the website.

Please complete and submit the form to share your expertise or passion with other educators in the division. You have until April 15 to submit, but I am asking you to do it well before that time so that we can begin to plan the program. Blessings to all, thanks for what you do every day to share Christ!



Larry Blackmer

Vice President, Education



2018 Teachers' Convention Presenter Form

Spring 2018