Director of technology & Support

Larry Blackmer

Vice President, Education

Data Rollup and You

e live in a world that is built and sustained by technology. Very few people still write physical checks or write long handwritten letters. We use a debit card, pay our bills online and use email. The same is true with school information. I still remember filling out the blue register, mailing it to the conference office, and then as a superintendent, reviewing and correcting 50-60 physical registers, which we had to store in a fire proof vault for years. In the 21st century, we should not be doing handwritten documents and storing paper for years. Thus, data rollup was started in 2010. It has been a major process to get almost 1,000 schools to use a system that will roll up data and provide the information each level of the church needs. We are now to the place that this data can be used to populate different information into forms such as accreditation documents, and eCertification automatically. The process has been improved each year and we are now at the point of seeing the real benefits to it.

While the initial purpose was focused on compliance with state requirements, the benefits of access to standardized reports for teachers, principals, conference superintendents and union directors was obvious—immediate access to appropriately authorized data to assist in health and safety, student assessment and human resources. The application is built to honor pre-established rules of access to data in a digital world.

Several databases import into Data Rollup: Iowa (standardized test scores), eCertification (certification for educators), and eAdventist (organization demographic data).  Data integrations – where our data is sent out to populate reports and student rosters – currently include Accreditrac (online evaluation/accreditation portal), Welnet (Physical Genesis PE rosters) and ByDesign Virtual Lab science rosters.

These integrations, as well as various student reports, demonstrate the desire to have our students at the center of the rationale of Data Rollup. Regardless of the student information system (SIS) used from year to year, schools are able to access student data and print transcripts, report cards, record of attendance and more.  You can view a sampling of these reports here. It is understood that the accuracy of these reports relies on the diligence and precision of the schools’ data entry.

It can be a challenge helping schools provide accurate imports for Data Rollup. We work continually to provide tools such as those listed below that can make their efforts effective.  Additionally, an online support chat feature is available for conferences to gain additional assistance.

  School User Guide

  Conference User Guide

  School Record Browser

  NAD Report Cards

  Opening Report Assistant

  Closing Report Assistant

  Error FAQ

As you can see, Data Rollup encompasses many facets of bringing information together in one place that makes everyone’s job easier and more efficient. Collaborating together, as a team, transforms our NAD education system into the best!

Spring 2018