he North American Division Office of Education and the Adventist Learning Community (ALC) are pleased to announce the release of over 850 Simple K12 courses to all Seventh-day Adventist teachers with an Adventist Education Toolkit login.

As an Adventist educator, you can navigate to the ALC, login with your Adventist Education Toolkit credentials, and then browse hundreds of courses specially designed to develop your skills and knowledge for serving students in the classroom. Courses range in topic and theme from iPads in the classroom to flipping your classroom, from using Google Apps to STEM teaching, and many more.

All courses are available to teachers for CEUs whose Unions are participating in the CEU program on the ALC. Teachers working in Unions that are participating need to complete the course, fill out three simple short reflective practice questions, and then submit their answers to their Conference superintendent. This is all done digitally and without the need to navigate away from the ALC website. Conference superintendents are notified a teacher in their jurisdiction has completed a Simple K12 course via email, and then will review it for CEU approval. Once a Conference superintendent has approved a CEU request, the respective Union registrar is notified, and the CEU is recorded on the teacher’s eCertification portfolio.

As a teacher, please navigate to the ALC, login with your Adventist Education Toolkit credentials, and see if there’s a course you can use to enhance your teaching ministry.

The workflow:

  1. Login on the Adventist Learning Community website using your Adventist Education Toolkit credentials
  2. Browse the course catalogue, and mark the “Course Collections: Simple K12” filter box
  3. Search for your desired topic such as “iPads” or “Career Readiness”
  4. Register for the course, and watch the required videos
  5. Once completed, click on the “Apply for Credit” link at the end of the course
  6. Complete the reflective practice questions
  7. An email notification will be sent to your conference superintendent to review your answers
  8. If your reflective practice answers are approved by your conference superintendent, your union registrar will be notified and the CEUs will be recorded on your eCertification portfolio

Over 850 Simple K12 Courses Now on ALC



Adam Fenner



FALL 2017