s the NADOE continues to roll out secondary Encounter Bible to our academies, teachers share about the impact Encounter is making on both their lives and the lives of their students. Jessica Williams, Bible teacher at Loma Linda Academy, shares her thoughts below:

“Encounter has helped changed the way I teach Bible in that in my other classes (Junior and Seniors), I am continually looking for ways to be more creative in my daily lessons. So, it has had an impact on the non-Encounter classes I teach. I have always tried to be creative in using various learning strategies and exercises and incorporating art and multi-media but Encounter has pushed me even more to do so.

Encounter has impacted me personally in that I am confronted daily with the importance of my own walk with Jesus. I can't give what I don't have. The emphasis on discipleship and walking with Jesus in Encounter is a great reminder to keep my own relationship with Jesus as a top priority in the busyness of life.

My students are stretched to think more deeply rather than just memorize information. They are forced to reflect on Scripture and God which they weren't asked to do with the previous curriculum. It's a stretch for some of them and they don't always like it but when I read their journal entries I am amazed at how God is at work in them and the things they realize when they stop to reflect.

The favorite unit, by far, of my students has been the unit on the character of God in the freshman year. They loved learning about God's names and have commented that they learned more in this bible class than in any others they have taken. If anyone questions whether or not students are learning without having tests or quizzes, I think it's clear that they are.”

Jessica Williams

bible Teacher, Loma Linda Academy



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