n an effort to meet classroom technology needs for teachers, TDEC (Technology & Distance Education Committee) is continually exploring ways to strengthen technology support across the North American Division. In November 2016, TDEC asked for your assistance in assessing current technology use by completing an NAD Teacher Technology Survey.

Before stating results, some demographics need to be affirmed. At the time of this article, 595 teachers responded to the survey and 66.5% of the respondents were 40 and above. Over half (52.5%) had been teaching 16 years or more. The majority of the respondents were K-8 (62.5%) teachers.


Some encouraging results were stated:

  • 98.8% had internet access in their classrooms and 86% felt the download speed was adequate or above
  • 78.5% had classroom computers
  • 59% had i-Pads or other tablets
  • students are using the internet daily 60% of the time
  • teachers are using a computer daily 73% of the time


Some concerning results were stated:

  • a smart/white board is being used only 33% of the time
  • i-Pads/tablets and accompanying apps are being used only 41% of the time
  • students are using technology for multimedia creation only 43% of the time
  • students are using technology for collaboration only 38% of the time
  • 53% of the time, teachers need help and feel it is hard to troubleshoot technology problems



‎Professor of Education at Southwestern Adventist University

NAD Teacher Technology
Survey Results

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Spring 2017

The last part of the survey focused on teacher’s needs and professional development. They felt they needed more planning time (59.2%), more time with colleagues on how to use technology (58.7%), technology integration strategies (42.4%), and i-Pads/tablets for every student (41.7%). The professional development that the teachers would be most interested in attending was multimedia development (51.6%), Google Apps (48.7%), and use of content-specific software (46.1%). The results of this survey will be extremely beneficial in developing Adventist Learning Community (ALC) classes for continuing education credit.