Pastors Engage Schools

dventist education is an essential part of the Church. This week the seminary has decided to help reinforce that concept in all new MDiv students going to the seminary. In the next two weeks I will be going to the seminary to establish a new program that will require every student to take at least one course in Adventist education, develop content that will help pastors to see their role as partners in ministry with schools.

Dr. Jiri Moscala, dean of the seminary has proposed that the school be seen as the core of ministry for local pastors. The pastor would use the school as an entering wedge into the community and to be intimately involved in the spiritual needs of faculty and students. In addition, every pastor will be required to spend up to two weeks in an educational institution as a field school. The seminary has already accepted the proposal, so it is only setting up the details. This is a wonderful intuitive that will help pastors to understand and become positively involved with the school.

It will be important that educators find ways to also engage with the pastor to integrate the school into the church program. This needs to be a shared ministry, a full partnership between the church and the school. Although I understand this is a long-term solution, there are things we can do now to engage with the local pastor.

Please continue to hold this up in your prayers.


Dr. Larry Blackmer


Fall 2016