riggs International Academy (GIA) has a mission to INSPIRE, TRANSFORM, and SERVE students and schools. We offer personalized learning solutions to educational environments through our APLE® Schools (Accredited Programs for Learning Environments).

Many NAD schools search for ways to add grades or supplement curriculum that is accredited and approved by the NAD Department of Education, so we tailor a program to fit your needs. GIA provides services for NAD K-12 Schools by providing a full curriculum or supplementing an existing school curriculum. School administrators will find flexible benefits for even the small one-room school where the teacher has several grades or the senior academy that is looking for a course like Pre-Calculus to offer to students. Visit our website to see our courses.

Besides regional accreditation, GIA works closely with the North American Division Unions and Conferences to make sure our partnerships are in compliance with Adventist Education standards. We consider it a privilege to network with our schools across the country, so that we can continually raise the quality and experience of Adventist Education. Schools that are unable to offer a large variety of courses or electives will benefit from offering a blended program (some online courses) within a regular school setting.

Educating today’s students requires innovation and options that will prepare them for the high expectations of universities and the job market. GIA is constantly updating to help students adapt to what is ahead. We put ourselves IN YOUR SHOES, when making decisions for the future.

Lamar Nangle is the Director for the NAD School Program and he manages over 20 school partnerships. We have a team that specifically dedicates time to this program and continuously looks for better ways to serve our schools. Mr. Nangle works closely with the school board, and the offices of education in both the conference and union when a school is applying to join the program. We share in your dedication to helping students stay in Adventist education. We have witnessed that collaboration can make great things happen! For more information about the APLE® Program for elementary or high school levels, you can contact Lamar Nangle by sending an email to:


La Ronda Curtis Forsey

Associate Dean for the School of Distance Education and International Partners at Andrews University; Principal of Griggs International Academy

Griggs International Academy

Serves NAD (APLE® Program)

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February 14

K-8 Curriculum: Spotlight on Reading

March 14

K-8 Curriculum: Spotlight on Music

April 13

K-8 Curriculum: Spotlight on Art


august 6-9

2018 NAD National Teachers Convention

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TRY THIS! Britannica Original Sources

NAD K-12 Educators have FREE access for the 2016-2017 school year to another resource from Britannica School.

Original Sources: a compilation of more than 420,000 primary source documents, complete books, and authentic images. Students, teachers, and parents have instant access to an online library full of the creations and discoveries of history's greatest minds as recorded in the authors' original words.

Britannica School Resources

Encyclopedia: Three levels of access including EBSCO journals

ImageQuest: Millions of rights-cleared images

eBooks: PK-12 non-fiction books


An ideal teaching resource for children of all ages with a visually captivating display that engages students in learning new words and concepts. Contact NADE Tech Support for your free account.

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