Welcome to the second

NAD quarterly newsletter

oday, as I write this, it is the 4th of July! That means very different things to each of us. For some it is the “official” start of summer: a time to swim, play, rest, and watch kids and grandkids enjoy life with boundless energy. For others it is a day for picnics, barbecues, and fireworks. For still others (such as those of you in Canada and Bermuda) it is just another day.

Yet, there is a deeper meaning to this holiday—freedom! It is the day on which we celebrate who we are as a nation and where we came from. Although some may disagree, we still live in a nation of free speech, a nation in which we enjoy freedom of religion and the ability to move without oppression.

My wife recently watched a documentary about the founding fathers of the United States and what it was like during those tumultuous times as we birthed a new nation. After the documentary, the producers went around to beaches in the U.S. and asked people simple questions about history, such as,  “Why did we fight the revolutionary war? Against whom did we fight? What was the reason for fighting  the Civil War? Whom did we battle against in World War II?” and so forth. As you may guess, very few people knew the answers.

As we savor our summer and look forward to another school year, let’s determine to ensure that the children in our classrooms  will not only understand our freedoms and history, but remember and cherish our past as a church. We are a special people, called by God to deliver a message to a dark world. Each one of our children should be part of that calling. It is why we exist as a school system.

Enjoy your summer, and be safe and blessed!


Dr. Larry Blackmer


Summer 2016